Kara House

About Us


Kara House was initially set up in 1975 by CO.AS.IT (Community Assistance Italian) as a refuge for Italian Women escaping domestic violence. In 1988 Kara House broadened its services by becoming an independent incorporated body providing assistance to women of all nationalities.

Kara House:

  Primarily and historically has provided services to women and their children from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

  Founded in, and operates from a a feminist perspective.

  Managed and run by women for women and their children.

  Acknowledge that family/domestic violence predominately affects women and children and is understood to occur because of the power imbalance between individuals which is condoned and supported by dominant social attitudes and structures.

Kara House encourages and empowers women to take control of their lives and works towards eradicating all forms of abuse perpetuated against women and children through:

  Providing short term crisis accommodation

  Providing outreach support

  Educational activities which encourage change in individuals and community attitudes, and

  Strategies that challenge service providers and government to adopt responses that are non-tolerant of violence, and provide support to women and their children.

Who We Are

Our Mission


Kara House supports the right of women and of children to live in safety and without fear – using professional practice informed by feminist, human rights and social justice principles.

Our Vision


Kara House is committed to providing a physical and personal environmet with optimises the privacy, value and strength of the individual.

Our Philosophy


All women and children should have the right to live free of domestic violence, harassment, discrimination and abuse.