Kara House

Client Statistics

Kara House helps women and their children from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultural identities.

2013-14 at a glance


Age of Clients (including children) FY2013-14


The chart above illustrates the broad age groups that are accommodated in our refuge. It is important to note that the largest proportion are children under 10 years of age. This fact makes it imperative that Kara House and other refuge services devote time and attention to the needs of these infants and children to mitigate the impact of domestic violence. Kara House does not receive funding for children.

Accommodation before presenting to Kara House:

Sleeping rough or in non-conventional accomodation: 10 clients
Short term or emergency accommodation due to a lack of other options: 77 clients
Not homeless: 1 client
Not specified: 2 clients.

The above numbers indicate the housing a client was living in before entering crisis accommodation. The majority of clients come to us through theĀ Safe Steps Family Violence Resource CentreĀ and are therefore living in emergency accommodation. The bulk of these clients will have left their home. This table does not include the children who have also left their home.

Length of Accommodation FY13-14

The above chart shows the number of clients accommodated by Kara House and also the length of that accommodation. The first 3 bars on the chart cover our Motel Crisis Outreach and normal Outreach clients as well as those clients that decide not to stay in crisis accommodation. The largest term indicated on the chart is 52 weeks, however, a number of our clients continue to receive our support for 2- 5 years while they reside in transitional housing waiting for their permanent public housing.