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Your gift will help provide a safe and secure future for women and children.

There are many ways to Kara House - financial donation, material aid or partner with us.


Will purchase a pair of warm pyjamas for a child when they arrive at late at night at the refuge


Will purchase a School Pack including backpack, lunchbox and drink bottle for a child starting at a new school


Will purchase a Linen Bedding Pack to provide fresh sheets, doona and towels for our clients when they first arrive at the refuge


Will purchase a Fresh Home Start Pack that includes cutlery, kettle and toaster when our clients move into more stable accommodation


Will enable a Kara House support worker to receive ongoing specialised children's training

GiveNow Donation with Mum and Child

Individual donors


Since 1978 Kara House have found innovative and effective ways to help the clients in our care rebuild stable and secure futures. Your generosity provides vital support for women and children escaping family violence with safe accommodation, emotional support and basic necessities when they need it most.


Will purchase a pair of warm pyjamas for a child when they arrive at late at night at the refuge


Will help us provide a Toiletry Welcome Pack when our client's first arrive


Will purchase a School Pack including backpack, lunchbox and drink bottle for a child starting at a new school


Will purchase a Linen Bedding Pack to provide fresh sheets, doona and towels for our clients when they first arrive at the refuge


Will fund a week of Art Therapy for our clients and their children in the refuge


Will purchase a Fresh Home Start Pack that includes cutlery, kettle and toaster when our clients move into more stable accommodation


Will enable a Kara House support worker to receive ongoing specialised children's training


Will allow us to provide professional counselling to our clients and their children


Will enable us to carry out vital refurbishment works at the refuge

Our support services are funded by the Department of Health and Human Services, but we are continuously fundraising to provide the women and children with basic necessities and programs to improve their long-term outcomes.

100% of your donation is used for special programs, project and purchases. All administration costs are funded by the Department of Human Services and Kara House.

To donate via the phone please call 1800 900 520

Other ways to give


Organise or take part in a fundraising activity or challenge.

A gift in your will

Leaving a bequest creates a lasting impact.

Partner with us

There are a number of ways your organisation can partner with Kara House.

For more information, please call us on 1800 900 520 or email admin@karahouse.org.au

Donate material aid


Every year Kara House supports approximately 350 women and their children escaping violence. Often they arrive at Kara House in financial crisis and with very little, having left their family home, friends and support.

When women and children first arrive they have an immediate need for basic everyday items we take for granted, like toiletries, clothing, toys, school items and linen.

Please click below to download the current Wish List of Priority Material Aid. Download PDF


  • ANYTHING ELECTRICAL. Items that plug in the mains due to OH&S regulations. Please contact Eastern Emergecny Relief www.easternemergency.org.au 
  • KIDS PRAMS AND CAR SEATS. Prams/strollers,cots, baby carriers, change tables, high chairs, bouncers, breast pumps, booster seats due to stingent safety standards required. Please contact St Kilda Mums www.stkildamums.org
  • FURNITURE. All household furniture due to storage issues. Please contact Eastern Emergecny Relief www.easternemergency.org.au 

To find our more or get clarification of items you would like to donate call 1800 900 520 or email admin@karahouse.org.au

Partner with us

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Partnerships with business or organisations are a crucial area of support for Kara House. By Funding programs, hosting fundraising events, getting involved in workplace giving, donating goods in-kind, or supporting us in a myriad of other ways, partnerships enable us to help improve the lives of women and children escaping family violence.

If you would like to support our work, here are some ways your organisation or business can help:

  • Fund one of our program areas - Improvements to our refuge, support services or programs by supplying much needed items
  • Provide pro-bono support - Volunteer your professional skills
  • Host a fundraising event - Organise an event within your workplace or community
  • Workplace giving programs - Workplace giving enables employees to make a regular donation to the charity of their choice with an automatic deduction of a set amount from their earnings
  • Material Aid donations - You can give Material Aid donations

These are just some of the forms of support that partnership can take. We’d love to talk to you about how your business or organisation can get involved and partner with Kara House.

For further information, contact:

Ruby Lampard - Development Officer on (03) 9899 5666 or email ruby.l@karahouse.org.au


We would also like to thank the numerous individuals, businesses and organisations that have kindly supported Kara House.

  • Knitting for the Needy
  • Don Martin and Partners
  • The Thornbirds - Hawthrorn Football Club
  • The Rotary Club of Box Hill

Client stories

Names and details have been changed to protect client privacy.



Wendy and her son, James were referred to Kara House for family violence crisis accommodation and support. Wendy’s husband and the perpetrator of her violence was her childhood sweetheart; they met at school. They were married for 27 years, and for most of that time Wendy was abused. The family violence ranged from verbal and emotional abuse through to isolation, IT stalking and choking. He intimidated their son to manipulate Wendy. He threatened her that if she left, she would never see James again. So she stayed. Wendy’s husband was a well-known member of the community; he was well-known to the media and the police and was eventually arrested, charged and incarcerated following another vicious attack on Wendy.

Wendy and James left their home and entered Kara House. She was exhausted, fearful and defeated. Immediately plans were put in place to address James’ needs which included completing an assessment, enrolling him into a new school and referring him to counselling, equine therapy and a children’s family violence support group. An intensive safety plan was created with Wendy to include setting up a new bank account, car registration and Medicare Card with an alias name, changing regular appointments and transport routes redirecting her mail through a post office box and addressing IT safety – GPS, mobile phone, laptop and Facebook. We discussed Wendy’s family, with whom she is very close, and keeping them safe, as well as putting a plan in place for her to meet with them.

Wendy was provided with information and support for accessing medical services, including counselling, legal support regarding her house and property settlement and liaising with Wendy’s legal service and the Court for remote access. There is regular liaison with police. Brokerage was accessed to pay for outstanding utility bills, then her name was removed from the utility companies. Wendy has been linked with a local housing service and victims of crime. Wendy has now been removed to another location. Kara House continues to work with her and to liaise with the services who remain involved with Wendy and James. Although Wendy still has a way to go, she is now feeling confident and optimistic in moving forward into a happier and positive life with James.


Akeyo was referred to Kara House for crisis accommodation after leaving a violent relationship perpetrated by her partner of 13 months. Akeyo was born in Sudan and came to Australia in 2017 on a Student Visa. She obtained a Certificate inChild Care, which allowed her to work part-time whilst she continued studying her business studies. During this time, she met and moved in with her partner. The abuse started soon after. When Akeyo came into Kara House she was 34 weeks pregnant, she was no longer working, had suspended her studies and was not eligible for Centrelink support. She had less than $200 in her bank account. Akeyo had no family or friends in Australia for support. As Akeyo had little to no ante-natal care, we linked her in to the local maternity hospital. Fortunately, her pregnancy was healthy and progressing normally, with an expected arrival in 4 – 5 weeks.

Kara House has the good fortune to receive generous donations of children’s clothing and we were able to prepare a wardrobe of clothes for the new baby who would soon join Kara House. We accessed the St Kilda Mum’s service for baby equipment. We ensured Akeyo was being advised regarding her immigration status so she could make future plans, and we linked her into a multicultural service for cultural support. Akeyo’s lack of income was of a priority, as she had suspended work due to her pregnancy. Kara House was able to provide minimal financial assistance and she was referred to the Red Cross for monetary support. Our major concern regarding finances was she was not eligible for Medicare and as she was no longer working, she could not pay for private health insurance as was dictated in her visa conditions. Being medically supported for her ante-natal care and imminent birth meant she was going to incur large hospital bills.

Kara House advocated on Akeyo’s behalf and successfully negotiated possible brokerage assistance following the birth of her baby. Less than a month after coming into refuge, Akeyo gave birth to a healthy and gorgeous baby boy, Darweshi, and shortly after that we transferred the new family into a transitional property. Kara House continued to work with Akeyo and linked her in with maternal and child health support. Darweshi was a delight and continued to thrive and meet his mile stones. Kara House successfully accessed $7000 in brokerage to pay for Akeyo’s hospital bills.

In October, Akeyo’s cousin moved to Australia on a working visa and together with Akeyo they managed to access shared private rental. Akeyo has resumed working part-time; her cousin looks after Darweshi. Kara House has now closed Akeyo’s file. She continues to work with migration support. Supporting clients who do not have permanent residency, and, who are not eligible for Centrelink support has been difficult in the past. Specialist family violence services who provide crisis accommodation, know the difficulty of moving clients out of refuge and into long-term housing when the client does not have money for rent or day-to-day living. It has been a challenge to access resources to support these clients. However, in the last 6 months, DHHS has allocated funding to family violence services to support women without permanent

Work with us

Kara House is committed to creating a community in which all women and children have the right to live free of family violence, harassment, discrimination and abuse. We are a small, nimble group who providing specialist family violence services that prioritise the safety of our clients.

Current professional positions


There are currently no positions available at Kara House.

Vacancies are published regularly and if you would like to submit you CV as an expression of interest for future positions, please email admin@karahouse.org.au



Kara House offers students an effective and rewarding placement, whereby students can integrate theoretical knowledge into workplace practice under the supervision of qualified experienced workers.

All students gain understanding and knowledge in:

  • Case management and advocacy
  • Administrative and operational aspects of Kara House including policy and procedures and risk management
  • Exposure to networks and community resources used by Kara House, including child protection, drug and alcohol services and mental health services
  • An overview of culturally and linguistically diverse clients and their needs

If you are interested in Student Placement at Kara House email a cover letter expressing your interest in the family violence sector with your CV attached. A current Victorian Driver’s license with good driving record, working with children check and Police Check are required. An interview may then be scheduled to determine if Kara House will be the right learning environment for the student. Only female students may apply (Equal Employment Opportunity Exemption).

Please email admin@karahouse.org.au

Volunteer with us


Kara House is a small organisation of capable and professional women and we welcome volunteers who can enhance our existing skill base. We are seeking Professional Volunteers to assist us in the areas of:

  • Marketing and promotion (PR, copywriting, graphic design)
  • Fundraising (grant applications, crowdfunding campaigns, events)
  • Website maintenance (content creation and maintenance)
  • Skilled volunteers with financial and legal knowledge

If you are interested in becoming a Professional Volunteer at Kara House please email the Manager admin@karahouse.org.au

Unfortunately, due to the nature of our work, volunteer positions are not available to assist within our refuge.

Connect with us

Phone: 1800 900 520

Office hours: Monday to Friday - 9 am to 5 pm

Email: admin@karahouse.org.au

Postal address: P.O. Box 308 Burwood VIC 3126


If you are experiencing family violence or you’re concerned for someone’s safety and need immediate assistance:

Emergency/Police 24HR: 000

If you require crisis support and information:

Safe steps 24HR Response: 1800 015 188


Our Useful Resources

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