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Kara House celebrates 40 years

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On the 16 October, Kara House celebrated 40 years of empowering and supporting women and children escaping family violence. To mark the important occasion we held an evening event at Box Hill Town Hall. On the night, we were delighted to be joined by current and past staff, former Management Committee members, our donors and supporters and well as members of the local community. CR Andrew Davenport Mayor of the City of White horse, Robert Clark MP for Box Hill, CR Tina Liu and CR Bill Bennett all came to lend heir support.

Master of Ceremonies, Comedian and Heath Advocate Nelly Thomas kept those attending laughing while beautifully expressing the sentiment and the importance of the work of Kara House. Firstly, the Chair of the Management Committee, Margaret Morrissey welcomed the guests and spoke of the excitement and significance of Kara House turning 40.

The City of Whitehorse has provided Kara House with a significant support over the last year and we were happy to invite CR Andrew Davenport Mayor to speak about their importance of Kara House in the local community and their commitment to the prevention of family violence.

The keynote speaker was Associate Professor Suellen Murray author of the book “From margins to Mainstream: the Domestic Violence Services Movement in Victoria”. As a former member of the management committee, she was able to talk about the history of Kara house then give great insight into the current Family Violence sector.

We were honoured and privileged to have former client Liang* to speak of her time and association with Kara House. She told her painful story and how, with the help of Kara House she was able to achieve a wonderful outcome and is now enjoying a great future.

Next Students from Swinburne University displayed the new website they are redeveloping for Kara House. The website looks amazing and we are looking forward to its release at the end of the year. Finally Veronica Coleman (Kara House Manager) and Catherine Lockstone (Vice Chair) spoke of the future direction and plans for Kara House.

We were delighted that so many supporters, colleagues and the local community were able to join in the celebration!

*Liang – name changed

CR Andrew Davenport and Veronica Coleman

Client artwork created in Art Therapy


Nelly Thomas – Master of Ceremonies

Margaret Morrissey Rob Teese Rotary MASH

Catherine Lockstone – Vice Chair

Associate Professor Suellen Murray and Veronica Coleman

Merv Ericson and Kehela Vandenburg Rotary Club of Monash

Graeme Battersby – Rotary MASH

Ruby Lampard, Peter and Jan Malden from Rotary MASH


Robert Clarke MP and Margaret Morrissey


Lina Gibson and Desally Walliker

Maureen Breen and members of Rotary



Associate Professor Suellen Murray








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