Kara House

Partners & Supporters

Kara House Management Committee and staff would like to thank the Department of Human Services who provides our operational funding under the Funding and Service Agreement and to the staff of the Department in the Eastern Region who have assisted with their donation collections and ongoing support.

We would also like to thank the numerous individuals and groups that spend time creating and collecting the donations that enable us to provide extras to the women and children that come to Kara House.

We acknowledge and are grateful for the support from the following partners and supporters in 2014:

•  Alannah and Madeline Foundation

•  Citizens Advice Bureau

•  Community Housing Ltd (CHL)

•  Connecting Up (formerly DonorTech)

•  Department of Human Services – Child Protection

•  Department of Human Services – Eastern Region

•  Department of Human Services – Office of Housing

•  Department of Human Services – Centrelink

•  Domestic Violence Resource Centre (DVRC)

•  Don Martin and Partners

•  DV East Network

•  DV Vic

•  Eastern Emergency Relief Network (EER)

•  Eastern Victims Assistance and Counselling Program

•  Impact for Women

•  InTouch

•  Jeanette Elkner and View Club

•  Keith Rooney

•  Knitting for the Needy

•  Nappy Collective

•  North East Housing (now Haven; Home, Safe)

•  Officeworks

•  Salvo Care Housing

•  St Kilda Mum’s

•  Street Smart

•  Susan Broadby

•  The Migrant Resource Centre

•  Wesley – Resilient Kids Program

•  Women’s Domestic Violence Crisis Service (WDVCS)

•  Women’s Housing Ltd (WHL)

•  Zonta club of Mount Waverley