Kara House

Who We Are

Providing Domestic Violence Support Programs since 1978

Kara House is part of the Victoria women’s crisis accommodation service system which aims to provide highly secure, safe, accommodation to support women and their children who experience domestic violence and are in need of relocation from where they usually reside in order to ensure their safety.

Kara House is an Incorporated Association fully funded by the Department of Health and Human Services. This funding provides staff to support the women and children in both the crisis accommodation and in an outreach capacity in the community. Further fundraising and volunteers are required to support additional programs including client education, wellbeing and rehabilitation, children’s activities and improvements to the refuge.

We offer a range of programs to protect women and children from control, abuse and violence from family members. This includes providing temporary refuge accommodation, as well as transitional housing support, children’s activities and community education.

Our History

1978   The Italian welfare organisation CO.AS.IT. establishes a women’s refuge to serve the Italian community. After lengthy discussions CO.AS.IT. relinquishes responsibility to a new body to be run solely for women. Historically Kara House has provided services to women and children from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

1988   The women’s refuge becomes an Incorporated Association known as Kara House.

2000   Kara House, in response to community need, establishes a Domestic Violence Outreach program to provide information and support.

2002   Kara House expands its Domestic Violence Outreach program to meet the needs of lesbian/same sex attracted women.

2010   Kara House receives funding from the Department of Human Services to provide a program called A Place to Call Home

2014    Kara House moves office to larger premises with better facilities, sharing with another domestic violence service.

Our Mission, Vision & Philosophy

Our Mission

Kara House supports the rights of women and children to live in safety and without fear, using professional practice informed by feminist, human rights and social justice principles.

Our Vision

Kara House is committed to providing a physical and personal environment which optimises the privacy, value and strength of the individual.

Our Philosophy

All women and children should have the right to live free of domestic violence, harassment, discrimination and abuse.